Day 6 – Almost ice

Last night felt like i was sleeping in a see saw.

Just been to bridge, visibility is down to less than 500m, there is a bit of tension up there as we have now officially entered 'ice berg alley'. The swell is 6 to 7 m, windspeed about 28 knots (52km/h) and sea surface temperature is 1,5 Celcius. Been working all day on a report for a local newspaper.

Need to attend a lecture in the next few minutes. Hushed day.

Day 5 – Yippee

Today is the first day that I actually feel good. I sure hope I have finally found my sea-legs. We may still hit some bad stormy water and I can’t bear the thought of not having my sea-legs before that happens! At least I am not the only one that has taken strain in this regard. Many fellow passengers, younger than myself have also been suffering. It is the first day that I have been able to really do a bit of work. I hope to finish the newspaper report by tomorrow. That was really causing me extreme stress, as I was sooo scared of not getting better in time to meet the deadline. I have done a few interviews and am doing more as we go along.

I am feeling rather lonesome and am missing my family desperately and must bite my lip often to avoid splurting tears over all and sundry.

Later tonight we enter the Furious Fifties…

Day 2 – Saturday (less hell)

Those pills were good (clearly not lethal). Slept for hours. Tried to post some, but the sea got rougher and I felt a little queasy and needed to go outside for a couple of hours to feel better.

Crossing into the "Roaring 40's" tonight. The sea is fairly calm though.

I was supremely confident that I would have my sea-legs by now, yesterday I hoped to die. Today, humbly, I pray that I might have my sea-legs and survive the 40's.