Thanks, photos, credits and sponsorships…


If ever there was a TEAM effort to get me going somewhere, then getting me aboard
'The Little Red Boat', was IT!!

To each and every one who helped me, thank you! I readily acknowledge that I could not have done it without you ALL!

Contributions from my geographically-dispersed 'team' ranged from encouragement to wishing me well, to offering to babysit, to lending a hand, to helping me pack, to helping me get kitted out, to teaching me how to use fancy equipment, to fetching me at the airport, to feeding me and my family, to giving us a bed for the night. To sending me messages of inspiration and wonderful photos for the blog, to knitting me mittens and baking me cookies and lending me expensive equipment. And last, but by no means least, to understanding how it feels to leave one's loved ones soooo far behind, for sooooo long!

Thank you to the persons at Dept of Environmental Affairs who believed enough in me to let me participate in this final voyage of the SA Agulhas. You will forever have my gratitude!

To my children, Gabriella and Matthew, thank you for agreeing to take care of each other in my absence! Thank you for letting me go on this voyage and for trying to understand my reasons for doing so. If, one day, you also experience what it is like to be utterly captivated by a place, a concept or a belief, may you be granted the opportunity to surrender to it!

I needed a lot of help to get where I am. Thank you all, I really appreciate it!


Rhonda Klevansky
Danie Ferreira
Ryno Jordaan
Tanya Goodman
Marie Hammond


Thanks to Rayton Pick 'n Pay Rayton Pick 'n Pay
Thanks to Ultimo for the binoculars Ultimo – the leader in distribution of premium, high class, superior quality sports optics and outdoor and fitness equipment.
Glasses, watch, clothing

BONDIBLU is a dynamic, high fashion company that is the leading supplier of middle market fashion eyewear and accessories in South Africa.

Excess baggage, return flight OneTime Airlines – More Nice Less Price
Lenses and accessories OutdoorPhoto – honest and knowledgeable suppliers to photographers
Amarula! Distell – Africa's leading producer and marketer of fine wines, spirits, ciders and ready-to-drinks (RTDs)
  Icare Woodlands Optometrists