“Because it is there…”
(Allegedly by George Mallory, allegedly the first person to summit Everest.)

All pictures and comment on this site are from people who have been there, or by people who have the vision to allow those that believe there is something to be learnt there, to go there. It costs money to go there and without the governments that believe that there is something to be learnt by exploring the truly unknown, we will forever dwell in the fog of ignorance and assumption.

From the scientifically-proven hole in the ozone layer, the beauty – and the ‘why’ – of the Aurora Australis, the study of the decline in whale populations, research on climate change and food chains to specialized ship design – all have been made possible – wholly or partially – by those who care and those who care to go there.

Not everyone wants to be there. Not everyone can go there. But it is important that we are there.

The southern and northern tips of our little globe display the magnified results of the last 400 years of “civilization”. We have the choice to go there and explore the billions of years that have brought us here, or to relegate those microcosms to oddities or peculiarities, to be explored by the odd or peculiar.

We care. We are not odd. But sometimes, our behaviour is. We go where people do not want to go, where people are not meant to go.

Take a look at the pictures and videos… If there is not some part of you that is moved, then we have failed, because this is a beautiful world, full of wonder, awe and sacrifice.

Join us – the more the merrier – all humans who care are welcome!