Where am I?


I am currently 2550 km from the SANAE base

The ship's last reported position was S 49°00' E 009°36'

Distance to the South Pole: 4550 km
  Antarctic circle: 1950 km
  SANAE base: 2550 km
  To the berth: 1825 km


Source Data

All information on this page is sourced from http://www.sailwx.info. The data is then processed and displayed in different formats.
The current position of the SA Agulhas can be found here.


Google Earth

Click here to download the latest Google Earth map-chronology.
A couple of notes: Yellow pins are on land.
  Green pins are on the way to SANAE and on the ship.
  Purple pins are on the bouy run, from and back to SANAE.
  Light blue pins are the trip back home.
  Train symbols are my track on the Cat Train in Antarctica.
  The first part of the name of the pin is the day since sailing and the last part the chronological report number (i.e: 2.4 is recorded on day 2 and is the 4th reported position for the day).
  The ship's location is updated roughly every 3 hours.
  This location is then post-processed and put in the Google Earth format. There may, therefore, be a slight delay between the latest posted location and the KMZ file.
  All times are in South African Standard Time which is UTC+2.
  Positions vary slightly between Google Maps and Google Earth.


Google Maps

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