Sunday 26th February 2012

The Little Red Boat has been pitching wildly. The table is swaying left and right and me and my laptop are hanging in there and following suit, with my chair doing a few precarious moves of its own, totally out of sync… The wind speed  has increased to 45 knots (about 75 km/hr) and the swell is around 6m to 8m (18 to 24 feet). Thank God I have my sea legs!

Every so often, I would hear a sound like thunder, which was perplexing. I then found out on the bridge that it was not thunder but the propeller lifting clear out of the water due to the intense pitching movements of the ship as she rides into the swell.  As a result we have had to slow down a lot, to prevent the propeller from jumping out of the water.

(Smack! A big splash as we hit the water! This photo was taken from up on the bridge)

(Things are getting pretty wild out there!)


One thought on “Sunday 26th February 2012

  1. Wow. Looks sea-sickening to me!! Lol. Can’t wait to get you home!! Home to that amazing family of yours… 3000 cheers for Paul!!!

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